APMEX Company Review

We suggest doing your homework and before choosing a gold company to invest with.  We have read many reviews of clients who unfortunately didn’t do enough research and went with companies with poor reviews or even fraudulent activities.  Please research thoroughly before making a decision with your hard earned money. Read several reviews before beginning your gold IRA rollover process.

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APMEX American Precious Metals Exchange gold company review

The gold and previous metals business has really taken off in recent years. Many people own gold or silver or other precious metals and have it stored away somewhere.  They are raiding their homes, relatives homes or safety deposit boxes to to bring these metals out to sell. Other people are investing in gold and precious metals or rolling over their IRA or 401K retirement plans into gold. Why is this happening? It is due to the instability of the economy and the up and down swings of world markets.  A number of companies have come onto the market to buy precious metals from customers or help them invest in gold.  APMEX, American Precious Metals Exchange is one of these companies.

What are the core values of APMEX as a company and what are consumers experience with them?  One can get a pretty good idea by scouring the internet and reading reviews and feedback. Even if the company has a good reputation in certain circles, consumers can get the bigger picture of how most consumers view the company through some online research.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

BBB Better Business Bureau

31 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 10 closed in last 12 months


On the BBB website, APMEX holds and A+ rating and is also an accredited business.  Accordingly, APMEX should live up to this high standard that the Better Business Bureau requires. An A+ rating is the highest rating a company can get through the BBB.  However, when researching AMPEX on the BBB website, there is some inconsistency between the overall rating and the number of customer complaints.

If you visit the APMEX BBB listing you’ll see they have had 31 complaints in the last 3 years with 10 closed in the last 12 months. If you read the current open 8 reviews you’ll see most of the complaints are either about unfair pricing or rude customer service.  This kind of feedback should make an investor think twice about using this company.

The Complaint Board


This consumer driven review site also has numerous complaints about APMEX. These entries range from customer service oriented complaints to issues with the service APMEX advertises. One complaint focuses both on the customer service and on the quality of the product. The customer placed an order with APMEX only to have the quality of product be low-grade and of little value. When this customer tried to contact APMEX, he was told that returning the product would cost shipping and handling on his part. A company that wants to help clear up a customer complaint should do more than charge a customer for a product they feel is shoddy.