Guide to the Best IRA Gold Companies

Welcome to IRAGoldGuide.com, your guide to the top IRA gold  and precious metals companies and selecting the best Gold IRA company.  We will provide you with helpful resources, information and comparisons to help you in selecting a Gold IRA company to invest with.

Key Factors To Choosing A Good Gold IRA Company

Gold or Silver IRA Rollover

Are you concerned about the devaluation of the dollar or the volatility of the US economy?  Are you worried about countries like China and India accumulating Gold? Are you looking to put part of your 401K or IRA into gold or precious metals?

You’re not alone! Several clients who reached out to gold IRA companies felt the same way.  They are concerned about protecting their investment portfolios and diversifying their holdings.

The decision to rollover a 401K or IRA to a Gold or Silver IRA is not difficult for most people. The difficulty lies in choosing the best company to invest with.  They all claim to be the best but we will help you narrow down your choice so you can make an educated decision.

If you are ready to take action and start your gold IRA rollover, we suggest you with our highest recommended gold IRA company.  They have a very high reputation online and work hard to make sure their clients are satisfied with the rollover process and educated along the way.  Still not 100% sure? We suggest you read the competition’s complaints boards, BBB reports, trustlink and other credible rating and review sites.  We have compiled information on the major gold companies to help you with your due diligence.

The 4 Main Question You Should Ask a Gold IRA Company

  1. Gold IRA Setup and Storage Fees
    Some gold companies will charge you setup fees, storage fees and other administrative fees and some won’t. The majority of Gold IRA companies out there will have a sliding fee schedule which gets highers as the client’s account gets higher.Be careful and ask about the specific storage fees.  They might claim to offer a flat fee, but as your account gets larger, you might actually go over their flat fee storage limit and end up paying thousands in extra storage fees.  We recommend you choose the company below with a true flat storage fee. They will also cover your first year’s administration fees.
  2. Precious Metals Investment Type – (Bullion versus Coins)
    Be sure to select the best kind of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, etc) that are approved for IRAs and go with a custodian which can provide the most secure storage vaults for your precious metals.  There are pros and cons for different types of precious metals and gold cons versus bullion.Be on the look out for Gold IRA companies which try to direct you to one specific type of precious metal. Each company is different, but if your advisor is pushing you to buy certain types of coins, it’s probably because they make more money on them and thus are not looking out for what is best for you.  Be aware that there are many bad reviews online of people who felt they were being taken advantage of in this way!
  3. Precious Metals Buyback Program
    Does the Gold IRA company you are considering have a buyback program?  What happens when you want to convert your precious metals back to cash?  Will you get out of it what you put into it? Make sure you choose a Gold IRA that offers a no hassle buyback program and quick liquidity when you are ready to sell.  Go with a company who has your best interests at heart and it not just looking to make money off of your assets.
  4. Drawbacks and Decisions
    Going with the wrong Gold IRA company can cost you more than you should be paying and also headache and frustration wading through their time consuming set up process. Most of these companies can take anywhere from 30 to 90 days to get you set up.  When deciding to rollover to a Gold IRA account, make sure to to go with a company who  makes the process smooth and easy and educates you each step of the way.

Top 3 Gold IRA Company Complaints according to Review Websites

  1. Taken Advantage Of
    People feel like they are being taken advantage of by smooth talking sales reps who are just after their commission and not the best interests of the client.
  2. Pushy Sales Tactics
    Sales tactics too pushy with sales reps calling and bothering clients to hurry up and make a decision. It’s normal for a sales representative to want to hustle to earn a commission, but they shouldn’t rush the client when he/she is not ready. On average clients invest anywhere from $30K to $250K which in many cases is their whole live savings! They want all of their questions answered and peace of mind before they begin.
  3. Company Profits over Client’s Needs
    Sales representatives push clients to get precious metals which give the IRA gold company the biggest profit margin rather than what is best for the client.  These complaints come from people who felt they weren’t given the correct advice from the start. This is why it’s so important that you choose a honest company from the very beginning.  When you’re ready to seller your precious metals back to the company will they treat you fairly?  Do they have a buyback program in place? Make sure to do your homework!

Which IRA Gold Company Do We Recommend?

Regal Assets

Visit Regal Assets or Request a Free Gold Investment Kit

Regal Assets will take the time to answer all your questions and educate you about the previous metals buying process. They will take the time to go over all options available to you and let you make up your own mind.   After all this is your retirement money and not something to be rushed.  Customer service and support are very important to Regal Assets.  From your very first call, you will be introduced to a single account representative who will be your point of contact going forward and will answer every call or email to help you along the way.

–> Very Fast Shipping Time. 

They guarantee to deliver previous metals to the client’s door within 7 business days or they will give you a free 1 oz. Silver American Eagle!

–> Flat Annual Fee vs. Scaling Percentage of Investment.

While competitors charge a percentage of the investment (which grows as your account grows), Regal Assets only charges a low flat rate annual fee for the life of your account.

–> Retirement Account Dues Waived for First Year.

Most of Regal’s competitors will make you pay over $500 in initial administration fees, storage fees, delivery fees, etc. Regal Assets will cover all of these fees for you for the first year on retirement accounts.

–> Industry Leader In Precious Metals Storage.  

Regal Assets uses Brinks and all precious metals storage is segregated.  They also only charge $150.00 per year vs. other companies charging $225/year and most don’t offer segregated storage. Some companies comingle the storage for Gold IRA or other precious metal accounts and some of these are more expensive than Regal Assets segregated Storage.

–> Super Fast Processing Time. 

Regal Assets is one of the only precious metals companies that handles everything electronically. This saves a lot of time and hassle as clients don’t have to hand sign documents. Typically custodian funds transfers are completed within 48 business hours.

Still have questions? Contact Regal Assets today at their official site:  http://www.RegalAssets.com

You will be glad to know that this company has demonstrated responsible and trustworthy business practices as demonstrated by their A+ rating with the BBB. Your precious metal order will be handles quickly and efficiently and backed up by a 7-day delivery guarantee.

Regal Assets ranked No. 20 in United States for financial services in Inc. Magazine’s 32nd annual 500 list.

Inc 500 Featured Company Regal Assetshttp://www.marketwatch.com/story/regal-assets-ranked-as-no-20-in-united-states-for-financial-services-as-inc-magazine-unveils-32nd-annual-500-list-2013-08-21

BBB A+ Regal AssetsBBB Accredited Since 10/30/2009 – NO COMPLAINTS FILED


Based on 1030 reviews! http://www.trustlink.org/Reviews/Regal-Assets-LLC-206068373

As you can see, Regal Assets has an A+ rating with the BBB, a preferred membership with TrustLink and ranked #20 in the US for financial services by Inc. Magazine!